Address situations where users experience difficulties.

11. aug 2022 | By: Morten Andersen

The hallmarks of these are situations are familiar to all (but we have no idea of the extent of these issues):

  • Users going back to re-enter data into already completed data fields, e.g., incorrect legal entity, wrong delivery charge coding, failure to tick the “hazardous materials warning” checkbox. Digital Adoption solutions include the capability to implement conditional routes, guidance and error reporting without any changes to the underlying application.  Thus, the organisation can implement changes quickly and correct nagging issues before they become severe.
  • Users finding themselves in the “wrong” screen of an application because they followed the “wrong path”. Unlike our cars, applications don’t have GPS systems!  Digital Adoption platforms deliver the capability to guide users around required paths even in those paths take them across to another application.  As this guidance is always available, it can be thought of as an application GPS.
  • Users spending 7 minutes completing say, 12 data fields before abandoning the transaction because they are missing critical information and cannot proceed (or save what they’ve already entered). There are fewer more frustrating situations for knowledge workers who are typically busy and need to complete their goals professionally.  Digital Adoption solutions can ensure that users are fully aware of the requirements of the application before the user embarks on entering a new contract or transaction or claim.  This is delivered through various means including in application documents that detail pre-requisites.  Additionally, help can be configured to inform the user of requirements if certain paths are followed, e.g., claims for travel delays may require proof of the delay and if this isn’t available then the user can first request the information and spend time on other claims.
  • Users entering non-compliant information because they missed or overlooked email notifications of a change in legislation, company policy, recommended process or, best practice. Digital Adoption solutions provide capabilities for super-users, supervisors, IT or compliance managers to embed notifications and announcements into application screens; these allow the organisation to deliver timely and pertinent information exactly where it’s needed. And, without the need for users to check their email systems.  The notification and announcements can be controlled to deliver information to specific groups of users and within a specific window of time.
  • Users getting frustrated because of the time and effort needed to navigate across many complex application screens or to access a report that require the same information to be entered every time. Digital Adoption solutions include functions like auto-pilot to complete standardised responses and, a chat bot front end application that eliminates the need for some users to even access the application to perform simply tasks such as making a small update or checking the status of a transaction.

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Series: Supply Chain Improvement

This blog post is part 3 of the introductory post titled “Five Ways You Can Avoid Blockages in Your Supply Chain Without Sacrificing Your Entire Budget”. It covers the subject of establishing a common starting point (baseline) for tasks and overall processes.

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