What is your industry’s biggest challenge?

ScanSolutions advises and develops intelligent and robust solutions for automation and digital work processes. We tailor the solutions to suit each company’s specific and industry-related challenges. We have huge experience in various industries, including:

  • Financial

  • Insurance

  • Public

  • Auditing

  • Manufacturing

  • Trade

  • Service

  • Transport

  • Property management services

  • Organisations

Get an intelligent solution

ScanSolutions develops and delivers intelligent solutions for digitising and automating work processes. We do this based on the best software on the market and as a recognised partner for Tungsten Automation. The market’s undisputed developer and supplier of the leading technical platform to capture and process all types of documents and information using machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Scan Robotics – an example of digitisation and automation of a business process.

Scan Digital

Optimise your customer base with a responsive and dynamic digitisation of the entire flow.

Scan Transform

Transform all types of documents into useful digital business information.

Scan Robotics

Strengthen the competitiveness of your business with digital process automation.

Scan Invoice

Take your invoice processing to a new level.

Scansolutions is Tungsten Automation formerly Kofax platin partner, the highest partner ranking at Tungsten Automation. Scansolutions is certified and has extensive experience in all the Tungsten Automation products offered in our product portfolio for automation. We offer advice, implementation and support on Tungsten Automation products.

“We are currently saving 2,800+ man-hours a month with Scan Robotics, and the numbers are rising. One of the many solid results we have gained from our good cooperation with ScanSolutions.”

Louise Jacobi, Team manager for automation and planning, Købstædernes Forsikring

Software adoption with Apty

Deliver efficient digital transformation with rapid workforce onboarding. All with an easy-to-use application and with minimal IT resources.

Large companies typically work with around 130 applications organisation-wide. Employees use 3-5 of those apps at any given time to complete a single work task. The enterprise application ecosystem is massive. That’s why Apty works with any web-based application whilst integrating with all your customer processes.

Read more about Apty here

Use us as an advisor

If you want competent and solid advice on how your company transforms information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimise costs and improve customer participation, then we can help. With over 20 years of experience, ScanSolutions has extensive knowledge of this area, and we gladly share it so that you can get the solution that best suits your particular challenges and issues. Our focus in all our advice, is to increase the quality and efficiency of your services and products.

Call us at +45 7020 8172 for a casual conversation or come by and we’ll meet for coffee. The first hour won’t cost you anything – the next one’s worth the money.

Briefly about ScanSolutions

ScanSolutions helps companies and organisations automate and digitise business processes. We advise, support and develop solutions adapted to each organisation’s systems and tasks.

From our headquarters in Albertslund, and with a solid backing of a network of partners and suppliers, we serve more than 100+ customers from a wide range of private and public companies in and outside Denmark.


Need software support? ScanSolutions has different options. Select the support package best suited to your business needs.

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