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ScanSolutions is Kofax Platinum partner, and part of one of the world’s leading companies in developing products for automation and digitization of information-intensive processes. Kofax is constantly expanding and developing new products. The products are implemented at more than 20.000 customers in more than 60 countries around the globe.

Scan Digital

Digital transformation with the Kofax Total Agility platform forms the core of Scan Digital, enabling the entire customer journey to be digitized from start to finish in a dynamic and responsive way.

Total Agility is Kofax most advanced technical platform. The platform combines mobility, data capture and transformation, process management and workflow, robotics and analyze tools and connects your systems and business activities smart and effectively. At the same time, agile and seamless handling of information, sources and business activities is ensued, resulting in lower TCO and faster ROI.

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Scan Transform

Cognitive Capture from Kofax is at the heart of Scan Transform, enabling business processes to be automated by reading, interpreting, verifying and converting information from any type of document sources to accurate and usable data that can be used in the digital workflow. The solution can be scaled and adapted to every need with the use of thin and thick clients – from the small business to the largest companies and organizations in the world. Information Capture supports most scanners and multifunction printers (MFP’s) and data can be transferred to any type of underlying business systems.

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Scan Robotics

Kofax RPA (Robotic Process Automation) forms the core of Scan Robotics, enabling integration and robotization of internal and external processes, retrieving data from various sources such as websites, Word, Excel, Outlook as well as databases and physical documents. With Kofax RPA your business will be able to extract and utilize data from normally incompatible and useless sources.

Kofax RPA integration software effectively connects enterprise systems with external data sources. The software is simple and fast to implement, as it works directly on the user interface without the need to change existing programs.  Kofax RPA gives you easy access to updated information on market trends, competitors and customers, providing a solid foundation for good decision-making and greater productivity. Robot automation can also dramatically reduce the cost of software development.

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Scan Invoice

Invoice Processing Agility (IPA) forms the core of Scan Invoice, optimized for processing of invoices with thousands of customers around the globe. The solution gives access to collect, process and deliver invoices for further processing in the customers ERP-system with respect to automatic accounting.

IPA is delivered in three different strong and recognized solutions, in the form of Kofax Transformation, ReadSoft Invoices and ReadSoft Online as needed. Kofax Transformation is the versatile solution that can process all types of documents, among them of course invoices while the two solutions on ReadSoft are optimized for invoice processing.

ReadSoft is delivered as a cloud solution and on premises. The cloud solution can be accessed by anyone with access to the Internet, a browser and the necessary access to the solution without installation. Furthermore, it does not require any updating as this is ongoing, so you will always process your invoices on the latest and most up-to-date solution.

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“We are currently saving 1,200 man-hours a month with Scan Robotics, and the numbers are rising. One of the many solid results we have gained from our good cooperation with ScanSolutions.”
Louise Jacobi, Team manager for automation and planning, Købstædernes Forsikring

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