Scan Robotics
smart digital solution to strengthen your business

Streamline retrieval and provision of information without changing existing systems

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Scan Robotics: Smart digital løsning til at hente og levere information

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Removes time-consuming routine tasks

In short, Scan Robotics is a smart digital tool based on Kofax RPA, which helps companies streamline the retrieval and delivery of information as well as remove repeated manual time-consuming routine tasks by automating them.

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Works flawlessly without taking breaks

The software-based robot can be set up to retrieve and insert information – anywhere and anytime, or it can be activated by a particular event. It can also be set up to act as a virtual user working 100 times faster, flawlessly and without taking breaks. Furthermore, it can integrate into new and old systems without having to program or modify the existing ones.

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“We are currently saving 1,200 man-hours a month with Scan Robotics, and the numbers are rising. One of the many solid results we have gained from our good cooperation with ScanSolutions.”
Louise Jacobi, Team manager for automation and planning, Købstædernes Forsikring

The way you want it – whenever you want it

For example, the robot can be programmed to find and download on a daily basis the new rates or rules with which the company needs to be updated. Or it can be used to automate and streamline repetitive entry of large amounts of nearly identical data into enterprise systems – either triggered by specific events, at set times or ad hoc.

Scan Robotics will grow with you

The flexible and scalable solution can be taken gradually into use and adapted to your goals for digitisation and automation of business processes. One or more robots can work together in parallel, in a series of processes or separately.

Scan Robotics: Smart digital solution to retrieve and provide information

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Scan Robotics: Smart digital løsning til at hente og levere information


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